Fate’s Shadow

For an assignment my senior year in high school(2004) we were to pick a song, come up with a storyline and make a music video. This is that video titled Fate’s Shadow. The Rundown: Guy likes girl. Girl is in a relationship with another guy(a jerk). Girl and guy start hanging out. Jerk boyfriend gets jealous and threatens girl. Guy finds time travel device. Will they end up together?

Would people read a paranormal series where the main characters are African American?

I’m Black and unpublished writer I’ve been reading paranormal novels for a long time, and the majority are about White characters, (which I have no problem with and fall in love the stories and the authors) recently I thought it might be neat to write one where the character looks like me, but i’, wondering if people would read a novel like that and if theres a market for this type of work? thanks for any pointers

What are some good mystery, romance books for a teen?

I like books with some mystery, suspense, thrill, romance and like paranormal fiction is cool too… I have a wide variety of genres that I like… and I’ve already read Twilight so… no thanks with that. Some of my favorite authors are Laurie Faria Stolarz, Katie Alender, and Gillian Shields (they’re pretty unknown so you probably never heard of them, but they’re great authors)

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