Good time travel teen romance, YA historical fiction?

I’m looking for suggestions of other titles comparable to the style/genre of the novel I’m writing. I’m in the middle of a teen novel about a girl who falls back in time several hundred years, eventually to end up in a relationship with a fairly well-known historical figure. Anybody read any YA books like this before? (The book is more about the adventure than the romance yet geared toward older teens…the best comparison of the quality and tone I’m trying to achieve here is the Hunger Games.) I’ve read Caroline B. Cooney’s “Out of Time” series too, and a variety of historical and paranormal teen novels. But more have to be out there!
Thanks! I looked into it; it’s actually about fairies. I’m beginning to wonder if a book featuring a romance about an actual historical figure would be taboo, although couldn’t imagine it a lot of detail about his life were unknown. The other option is that too many people have proposed this, and it’s just lame! ^- Anyone else?

Flames on the Sky 0001

A time travel romance set in Chaco Canyon of New Mexico. Madison Evans inherits a turquoise locket, travels to New Mexico, and discovers the stone dates back to the Chacoan Anasazi. When she’s attacked, parks ranger Lonan Stone, of Chacoan ancestry, fears Madison’s turquoise is a missing twin of the revered Fallen Skystone, an egg size piece of turquoise on display in Albuquerque. The mystical stone is missing two slivers ones in Madisons necklace, the others whereabouts unknown, but if united by evil they can destroy. Madison and Lonan are part of a 1000 year old prophecy to save Chaco Canyon. Thrust back in time, they meet a witch, solve a murder, fall in love, and imprison a 1000 year old evil spirit. Their mission complete, can these two people from different cultures blend their lives as the prophecy predicted?

Any good books to read? Fantasy? Paranormal? Romance?

I love fantasy romance novels. I’m more into the vampire romance (yes, I’m a twilight fan, and no I’m not obsessed with it.) My favorite series is the Vampire Academy series. I love books in first person and hate books that are in third person. If I read a book written in third person I get board quickly.

Series I’ve read:

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound)


Evernight (Evernight, Stargazer, Hourglass)

Immortal (Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadow Land, Dark Flame)

A series by Carrie Jones (Need, Captivate)

The Darkest Powers (Summoning, Awakening, Reckoning)

Somebody please tell me! My books are getting lonely~!

Do you know of a good adult vampire romance books to read?

I have read lots of vampire romance books but especially loved The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, The Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost, Brotherhood of Blood by Kathryn Smith. Aside from these books I have read: House of Night series, Vampire Academy series, Vampire Diaries, Evernight series, and others. I need another good book or series of adult vampire romance. Any suggestions?

Knight Errant

Product Description
A thrilling time-travel romance of Renaissance England.

Robyn Stafford, a young American executive, has flown from Hollywood to England to surprise her lover on his birthday, only to find that he’s married and it’s his wife who’s giving the party. She takes a few days off to recover from her outrage and dismay, travelling and hiking near the Welsh border. There she encounters a handsome young man on horseback, wearing a sword, plate armor and a surcoat, who confidently identifies himself as Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March, and asks directions to a nearby abbey. He thinks the year is 1459 and is amazed by her detailed, printed map and working cell phone. She doesn’t know what to think. … More >>

Knight Errant

“new” time travel historical romance?

I was just wondering if you know some historical romance novels where it is “new”.. i mean, the present is set in the year 2003 onwards… just anything with internet and cellphones in it..

I would love to read “Knight in Shining Armor” by Jude Devereux but, it was set in 1988.. not sure if I want to read it.. maybe someday, but not now.
the past year, I really wouldn’t mind when it was set..

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