Dead Reign Trailer (Fanmade)

Wow since July, its been a while. This is about another one of my favorite books. But unlike the others, it is not a paranormal romance but an urban fantasy and there’s not very many emotional values in it just a lot of action, this author is known to do it. It was a bit more difficult to make something like this because its so different as a trailer than anything I’ve tried but I gave it my best. Synop provided by Marlamason(dot)net “In Dead Reign (11/08), Marla was having a pretty nice summer until the incarnation of Death walked into town. It seems one of Marla’s favorite toys, a magical dagger passed down from one sorcerer to another through the centuries, was once Death’s terrible sword, and now Mr. Grim and Reapy wants his property back, even if he has to kill Marla to get it. Most people would probably roll over and do whatever Death Incarnate wants, but Marla isn’t most people, so she fights back. Of course, when it comes to messing with gods, even Marla may be out of her league. “

Is there an anime that has…?

a story like Inuyasha or Spirited Away? I want to watch an anime that isn’t comedy about a girl traveling through time without there being a future setting. Then the girl joins forces with some one or some people to achieve something. I’m very picky and I don’t like the Fullmetal, Gundam, or Dragonball. Anyways, I need a fantasy, romance, fairytale, anime. I was also hoping it would be 3 seasons + because I can go through half aseason in one day. I hate mystery and I want only a little action and barely any comedy. I’m sorta into Fruits Baskets and I love it when there are love triangles. So, is there any aime that fits this description perfectly? Basically with barely any magic, little action, a show 3 seasons +, barely any gore, no future stuff, little comedy, romance, fantasy, and time travel.

I want to find a book thats like the Divine series by P C cast?

I REALLY enjoyed divine by mistake, choice and blood. i was hoping to find a book similar to it.
I like romances and pararomance.
I also like stuff like evermore, house of night.
(btw, dont suggest twilight saga cos i’ve already read them :) )
anything by P C Cast would be good too :D
i’ve read vampire academy and loved it

Do you believe in these Paranormal (PSI related)events?

Do you believe in these Paranormal (PSI related)events?
I’m not talking about television.
Have you ever seen “PSI Factor” TV show? It is still on in Iran.well. I follow it every week and it’s the best TV show I have seen ever.all about strange favourite things.But do you think they have actually happened?Some of them are just hard to believe.I have heard of getting older but I haven’t ever heard of getting younger untill you are only six! Are there any proofs on any of them?Were really 10 stors of a skyscraper in the U.S disappeared?If so why haven’t we heard about them on news?Could such important events be hidden?Why 99% of U.F.Os are just seen in the U.S?Don’t tell me because little green aliens have fallen in love with Americans!cos they haven’t.because movie makers in Hollywood want it to be that way!(But to be honest I saw one of these strange objects over Iran’s sky at dawn and I live in the northern part of Iran right in the cat’s head so it couldn’t have been a satellite but I could be wrong) I believe in the other world,miracles,strange powers of mind, and lots of other things.But that doesn’t mean that I should believe aliens have abducted a man so he could talk to live cells and he could change his figure or a statue is looking for his lost head or the earth was going to be sawallowed by an unknown darkness!Tell me have any of you ever seen or heard of an area in a jungle which can turn you to a 70 year old man within seconds?If it was true then government should have warned people not to go there!It’s too stupid.But as I said some of them are quite believable such as seeing ghosts,U.F.Os,U.S.Os,using your mind to do strange things,telepathy and so on. NOT ALL OF THEM.They claim ALL these stories are based on actual case files of O.S.I.R reaserchs and they have actually happened.(O.S.I.R stands for the Office of Sientific Investigation and Research and I don’t know if it is in the U.S or in Canada) Could science explain them?Do you believe in them?
Read this part if you don’t know what O.S.I.R is otherwise please answer the question.
The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research – the O.S.I.R.- is a private organization that, among its many activities, scientifically explores incidents which might be paranormal in nature. These include such areas as haunting and poltergeist phenomena, possessions, exorcisms, miracles, psi-related phenomena (including psychokinesis, precognition, altered states, near-death experiences and channeling), geophysical mysteries, astral projection, reincarnation and telepathy.
By the way you can find all stories of “PSI Factor” episodes in it’s official websie.

Book Trailer for Susan Kearney’s The Ultimatum

Dr. Alara Calladarneeds a man… …but she sure as krek doesn’t want one. If Alara doesn’t make love soon, her cells will fail to regenerate and she’ll die. Unfortunately, her only option is an enemy–Rystani starpilot Xander, her abductor… and a member of the race who has been battling hers since the beginning of time. For more information about The Ultimatum, visit

Is the movie Paranormal Activity the real deal?

Omg Paranormal Activity was the scariest shyt i’ve seen!! Omg at the ending I screamed my head off!! Haha even though it wz scary i loved it! I watched it today since its out on DVD. Anyways my point is, is Paranormal Activity actually real? Like was it real footage or it was based on a true story or its just made up?
And omg i cant sleep!! just by thinking about that movie terrifies me!

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