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She looked innocent and beautiful, but her touch was deadly. What they did to her was unforgivable, but she escaped and now she is a lethal force hiding in open sight. Jesse Calhoun took her in, to help her, to give her refuge. But he has no idea what she really is. As their feelings for one another grow stronger the secret military force that imprisoned her comes back to claim her. But, they have no idea how lethal Jesse Calhoun is, or what powers he has hidden within. Watch the full book trailer at in the member’s section. http

Are there any *great* Werewolf novels / series out there?

I’m suffering a lack of good quality Werewolf fiction, and don’t really know where to start looking.

I already have all the Carrie Vaughn novels, and the Jim Butcher “Harry Dresden” books {werewolves get a little mention!}. I’m already considering Patricia Briggs ~ any opinions on her books? Also, Lori Handeland ~ any good?

I read and gave-up on Laurell K Hamilton {she betrayed her werewolves}, and have no interest in Kelley Armstrong. I read Donna Boyd and Alice Borchardt back in my teens, along with Stephen Cole, and a trio of novels about some slightly unusual werewolves – but I remember neither title or author.

I’m not looking for ‘romance heavy’ crap, I want a good plot to get my teeth into!
I wasn’t impressed by the blurb on Christine Warren, Cheyenne McCray, L.A. Banks, C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp ~ but if you think otherwise, give me your reasons.

And please, *NO* “Twilight” ~ I have taste!
{No vampires either. Been there, done that}

Am I being too picky? Quite likely ~ sorry! I just don’t want to waste money and time on books I know are not to my tastes.

Thank you for your answers :)

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For my R&P friends… BQ: Any good Werewolf songs?
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Also read in my teens :
“Cycle of the Werewolf ” by Stephen King
“The Book of Werewolves” by Sabine Baring-Gould {this isn’t fiction, it’s an of-the-time ‘factual’}

Google, and the Amazon lists are no use ~ I want info from people who have read things, not lists {and the Amazon list is Vampire-heavy}.
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Karl :
Werewolves and war ~ that’s the sort of thing!
Interesting that you and Karl have come-up with the same book!
I had a look last night, and it is quite difficult to find, but as long as I get a ‘readable’ copy…

Cross Your Heart

After the death of my husband—and my dreams of motherhood—I returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did I know I would literally give up my life as Elizabeth Bretton, the Silverstone heiress. The whole undead situation calls for a drink—blood martini, straight up, please. Escaping the past isn’t that easy—especially when someone else’s past is out to get me. Now I have a vengeful ghost trying to kill me, a 150-year-old mystery to solve, and an outrageous were-jaguar named Tezozomoc “Tez” Abraham Elvis Jones trying to get into my boudoir. Tez is a homicide detective, who is vulgar, egotistical, presumptuous—and ridiculously hot. Mreow, indeed.

Looking for the title of a romance book. It was about a time traveling female wizard who ate haagen daaz.?

I remember reading this book about 10 years ago. There was this female wizard/witch who was somehow transported to the future (maybe with the help of some kind of amulet). And she winds up with this rich man who sort of ends up taking care of her. Mostly I remember her eating and talking about Haagen Daaz ice cream. Somehow at the end of the book it talked about the amulet. Any ideas would be appreciated. I loved this book and would love to read it again.

Vicious Bliss: fallen — A Miserable Love Series by Claudia D. Christian

Katherine Merror has spent the last seven years passing through the night with a blissful smile and vicious heart. She cares for no one and expects the same in return. When she wakes up alone in a white room Katherine morbidly wonders if her reckless flirtation with violence and death has finally caught up with her. Unfortunately for Katherine it’s a lot more complicated than that. The man who walks through the door is a doppelganger for Mikhail DeMontier, the creature who broke Katherine’s heart. Azer is everything Mikhail wasn’t–gentle, kind, and oh-so-vulnerable to a fallen woman like Ms. Merror. However, Katherine isn’t the only one wearing a mask. Love and vengeance brew dangerously within his ancient soul. The desire for freedom is an obsession in his mind and only Katherine holds the key to his release. The night is long and Azer’s charm is terribly tempting. Will she be able to conquer the specters of the past or will Azer finally seduce Katherine into the pleasures of Hell? Please visit for more information on Vicious Bliss: fallen and its sequel Vicious Bliss: broken

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