Any good paranormal romance novels or series?

Either Young Adult or Adult. If you’ve read any besides the following please tell.
Twilight Saga
Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Dark Hunter Series
J.R. Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Charlainne Harris
Anita Blake Series
Silver Kiss
Lyndsy Sands
Christine Feehan
MaryJanice Davidson
Blue Bloods
I’m looking for something that hasn’t been heard about too much, that’s the only way I haven’t read it.

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11 thoughts on “Any good paranormal romance novels or series?”

  1. Jude Deveraux’s :
    Forever and Always
    Someone to Love (not freaky but paranormal)
    Divine Evil by Nora Roberts.


  2. Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber isn’t too bad.
    House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast was also good.
    Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts was amazing.

  3. Christine Feehan Writes a great series of vampire love stories.The first one is Dark Prince.I think that they are better than Twilight.Try them on just love these stories.

  4. Well I loved most of the books on your list. Try:

    Blood and chocolate (about werewolves and by same author as the Silver Kiss)
    Wicked Lovely (romance with girl who can see faeries-NOT the cute little ones) and the second book-
    Ink exchange
    Vampire diaries
    Tithe (also with faeries)
    A certain slant of light (romance with ghosts)
    Bitten (werewovles)
    Touch the Dark (basically everything paranormal)

    Trust me, these are great. You could also try The Host by Stephenie Meyer or Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. It hasn’t got any vamps or anything, but it’s a great romance.

  5. try kerrelyn sparks if you haven`t already. Her vampire romances include Vamps in the city, Be still my vampire heart, The undead next door,How to marry a millionaire vampire and her latest,All I want for Christmas is a vampire. I haven`t read the last one but found the others highly enjoyable.

  6. god, there are tons i have read that haven’t listed yet …….
    night world by l j smith
    marked by pc cast
    wicked by nancy holder
    watchers in the night by jenna black
    prey by melina morelwitchling by yasmine galenorn
    vampire academy by richelle mead
    half way to the grave by jeaniene frost
    a great and terible beauty by libba bray……
    moon called by patricia briggs
    witch fire by anya bast
    mona lisa awakening by sunny
    the vampire seduction by raven hart
    hunters moon by ct adams
    dark fever by karen marie moning
    the becoming by jeanne c stein

  7. Hi a great author who isn’t really well known is Robin D Owens. I have read basically the exact same books as you so i think you’ll like her. Her website is:

    My favourite series of hers is “Heart Book Series” and there are 7 books so far. Heart Mate is the first in the series.

    In the delirium of his third Passage when he gained mastery of his psi powers, T’Ash created a HeartGift that binds him to his future HeartMate. He had fashioned a necklace that lacked his current level of graceful craftsmanship, but that holds his creative, carnal energy. The fine jewel in the center is a large roseamber pendant with an inner flaw that takes a different appearance to each person who views it. Only T’Ash and his HeartMate can see the true image captured within. The necklace will attract and affect only his HeartMate.
    Danith Mallow prefers the charming and whimsical over the expensive and gilt laden. She comes to the jewelry shop because she’s drawn to T’Ash’s most sensual and original creations. But the stunning necklace that T’Ash holds out to her at once attracts and repulses her. Overwhelmed by her responses to it, she believes he’s cast a filthy seduction spell in an effort to win a common woman to his bed. It leaves her feeling cheapened and oddly betrayed.

    A Null, someone unaffected by psi gifts, steals the necklace from the counter before T’Ash can convince Danith to take it. Worse, an heir to another Great House calls in his debt of honor, forcing T’Ash to focus on another task rather than searching for the necklace and winning his HeartMate. Now his once serene life is suddenly in a shambles. He had believed pursuing his HeartMate would be simple, easy. Instead, the task becomes incredibly complicated and confusing.

    Danith wants a family, marriage to a simple man, and a peaceful life, not a nobleman with Flair and dubious intentions. T’Ash, the man who once moved in Downwind circles, and now in rich noble circles, is too different than Danith, too intense and too alone. She’s an average woman of common birth and was raised in an orphanage. She’s learned to accept that there are many things she cannot have, like an extraordinary psi gift, and T’Ash only reminds her of her insignificance. Danith’s fears result in a habit of refusing T’Ash, of disbelieving his words and running from him. Yet their destiny drives T’Ash to face her rejection again and again, even though his inept attempts at courtship only seem to infuriate her.

    Accompanied by his familiar, Zanth, T’Ash will steal the heart of readers with his inept wooing of his HeartMate and his fear of sharing his inner self. His incredible abilities balance a carefully protected vulnerability that makes him endearing to readers. Zanth’s attitude about life, that “Life is good,” as he stalks sewer rats and arranges jewels also provides excellent amusement. Indeed, author Robin Owens’ world of Celta that includes psi gifts and familiars who communicate telepathically is delicious. Rich with humor and nuance, presenting danger on multiple levels while remaining utterly irresistible, HEARTMATE will capture readers’ hearts, and leaving them hoping for a sequel. Very highly recommended.

    She has also written another series called “Exotique Summoning Books” with the 5th book in the series out this January. I have only read 1 of them so far because that is all i can find, but boy was that one book great. The first in this series is Guardian of Honor.

    Lladrana is in a desperate situation and they need help or their world could perish. But the help they seek is not for the asking, they must “summon” their warriors, their marshalls. They are bound by magic, yet within the universe where they live the magic is waning, so they cannot fight the terrible monsters waiting to invade their beautiful kingdom. The Marshalls of Lladrana are bound to follow their ancient traditions to fight in the only way they can…summon the warrior from a distant land, one who leaves behind the desire for their own world, one who will pick up the sword. Or else Lladrana is doomed.

    Alexa Fitzwalter is an everyday lawyer on unmagical earth. She’s on an errand in the mountains of Colorado that has her doubting her sanity – she’s following a song. Her life is at a point where she’s not happy. She’s filled with remorse over the death of her close friend, and worse, she is hearing things no one else does, such as chants and a gong. Only, this isn’t the Gong Show. She’s not expecting to be “summoned”. To Alexa a summons is a legal paper served, telling you need to show up in court. This summons as is far from that as…well Alexa is in for a BIG shock. Alexa’s journey starts with the words, “Help us. Come to us. We need you here as no one there ever will.” Unable to resist the lure, she follows the summoning, dropping into Lladrana almost Alice-through-the-rabbit’s-hole, into a realm of monsters, of guardians losing their power, and a whole world t

  8. I’m a huge fan of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. I would highly recommend the series. And if you like the BDB you’ll definitely like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters.

    I’ve read Christine Feehan’s Dark Series, but after a few books it basically becomes the same story over and over again with different characters. They’re good but it doesn’t seem like the series progresses all that much.

    Just recently read the Twilight saga on the advice of my 17 stepdaughter. I read all three and hoped it would get better but honestly the story completely bored me. I think maybe I’m just too old to appreciate it – it lacks the “spice” that I’m used to in my romance novels.

  9. Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark series.

    These are awesome! I thikn even better then the Black Dagger books even though I love those as well. They follow a group of different immortals (Vampires, Valkrie, Witches, Lyke, etc..) The charcters will reappear in each others books.

    Alexandra Ivy- Guardians of Eternity

    This series follows Vampires primarily and their mates which can be of other immortal species. These are spicy quick reads you’ll get sucked in with the first book in the series.

    Alyssa Day – Warriors of Posidon

    This follows the fabled Atalntis warriors. They protect world while remaining hidden from the world. I was skeptical at first but quickly fell in love with the warriors.

    Cheyenne McCray-

    She has a series of witches who battle an evil warlock and god. This is a good witch series.

  10. Try out The Ashoka Chronicles
    Book One: “The Buddha Conspiracy” and the other books in the series on Kindle e-books or go to my website. Paperback edition ready on Amazon in August 2011

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